Zucchini cream with croutons

      When Jan recently declared he would make a zucchini soup, I wasn’t entirely convinced about the result. For me, it’s not really a classic soup ingredient. But I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised, it was a really light and lovely cream, just fantastic for hot summer days.


      Cream of garlic

          Garlic soup is extremely popular in the Czech Republic. And especially after a long evening in the pub. But we have prepared it in a slightly more sophisticated form: this cream of roasted garlic will be enjoyed as a delight. And you know what? The cream will also be great as a side dish to […]

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          Frankfurter soup

              I have to admit this one is my favourite of all the soups we cooked for the blog. My mum makes one that is a bit similar, so it’s for sentimental reasons, too. If you had to chooses, which soup would you pick as your absolute favourite? My taste is quite classic, so I love […]

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                  This was of the first soups I managed to make on my own. The recipe contains the basics to understand, how to prepare lovely creams. In the winter you can enjoy it hot, in the summer cold. It’s really super simple to make and the ingredients are easy to find in all seasons. Potatoes are […]

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                  Jerusalem Artichoke Soup

                      We are thrilled to show you our new video! This time we prepared Jerusalem artichoke cream that we actually eat quite often lately. The reason is simple: there’s an amazing market near our place and we just have to buy these every time we go. We also added some shiitake mushroom (as I am very […]

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                      Creamy dill soup with mushrooms

                          This Czech soup Kulajda is super popular in our country. We are happy to show you a restaurant quality recipe (as Jan cooks this version at work, too). And it is also our first video recipe! Do not forget to turn on subtitles for English. Our Kulajda is also gluten free, we do not thicken […]

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                          Sauerkraut soup with sausage and smoked paprika

                              A lot of our friends for some reason think that we only eat truffles, steaks and foie gras at home. Well, it’s not entirely true: sometimes we really feel like eating some classic Czech dish, such as this sauerkraut soup. We Czechs love our soups, doesn’t matter if it’s with potatoes, mushrooms, tripes or liver. […]

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