Parmesan and truffle emulsion ravioli

      I got the inspiration for this recipe from Grant Achatz, who called it “truffle explosions.” The point is that the truffle flavour explodes in your mouth. And who wouldn’t like that, right? We have only one photo because we took it during our home cooking experience, but I’m sure you can forgive us.


      Egg pasta with spring mushrooms, nettles and parmesan

          First mushrooms, nettles, dandelions: after a long winter finally a sign of spring. Nettles are quite difficult to collect but don’t be afraid. They don’t need much preparation ahead, normally we just blanch them. We can prepare them like spinach, cook a soup or make a spread. As you might know, Czechs are big fans […]

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          Tagliatelle carbonara

              Carbonara is a fantastic classic dish that could be a challenge: even for chefs. I actually think, it is pretty easy to make, though. You just have to make sure the pasta is not dry and your guests do not choke on it. Also pay attention to the eggs: you don’t want to end up […]

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