Jerusalem Artichoke Soup

      We are thrilled to show you our new video! This time we prepared Jerusalem artichoke cream that we actually eat quite often lately. The reason is simple: there’s an amazing market near our place and we just have to buy these every time we go. We also added some shiitake mushroom (as I am very […]


      Turkey stew with forest mushrooms, basmati rice

          Edita has been obsessed with mushroom picking recently. This year she began collecting spring mushrooms which she studies on the Internet in the evenings. We are still alive and more importantly we use mushrooms that we never used in our kitchen before. So why not! Indeed, such a walk through the forest is a perfect […]

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          Egg pasta with spring mushrooms, nettles and parmesan

              First mushrooms, nettles, dandelions: after a long winter finally a sign of spring. Nettles are quite difficult to collect but don’t be afraid. They don’t need much preparation ahead, normally we just blanch them. We can prepare them like spinach, cook a soup or make a spread. As you might know, Czechs are big fans […]

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              Quail with red wine sauce, beans and bacon

                  In this recipe, I will show you how to handle poultry properly. We need to prepare breasts and thighs differently. While quail breast do not need much cooking, legs need baking or confiting: just cook them longer and slower. As a side dish, I recommend choosing beans, spelt or humble mashed potatoes.

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