Mushroom goulash with minced meat

      One of the things you absolutely need to know about Czechs: we are obsessed with mushrooms. We cannot wait for the season, spend hours in the forest and share the photos of our trophies online. We even have Facebook groups, where we discuss the different varieties, where they grow, how to store them and use […]


      Parmesan and truffle emulsion ravioli

          I got the inspiration for this recipe from Grant Achatz, who called it “truffle explosions.” The point is that the truffle flavour explodes in your mouth. And who wouldn’t like that, right? We have only one photo because we took it during our home cooking experience, but I’m sure you can forgive us.

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          Zucchini cream with croutons

              When Jan recently declared he would make a zucchini soup, I wasn’t entirely convinced about the result. For me, it’s not really a classic soup ingredient. But I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised, it was a really light and lovely cream, just fantastic for hot summer days.

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