Smoked mackerel, skyr, avocado and fennel


This recipe was based on Skyr CZ challenge to create the most interesting breakfast. I can tell you now, we did not win (lol). But I still think it’s a really nice Scandinavian style breakfast. The combination of skyr, smoked fish and avocado is super pleasant.

For 4 portions

1 smoked mackerel
1 whole fennel
1 bundle of radishes
1 skyr
1 avocado
20g pumpkin seeds
20ml pumpkin oil
zest from 1 lime

Debone the mackerel and take off the skin. Cut it in small pieces. As it is pretty salty already, you do not need to do anything special about it.

Slice the fennel and radishes on a mandolin (if you have one) thinly. Scoop out the avocado and cut it into pieces, about the same size as the mackerel.

Put all the ingredients on the plate and drizzle with some pumpkin oil. Decorate with fennel tops, pumpkin seeds, grate some lime zest on and voila! You are ready to serve. Enjoy!