Rice noodles with prawns, orange curry dressing

      Prawns with noodles, that is something I could eat all the time. This really is a bit of a kitchen punk: we bought some Asian herbs in a Vietnamese market and added Jan’s favourite orange curry. So this is basically a pan asian recipe!

      For 2 portions:

      1 orange bell pepper
      1 red bell pepper
      2 portions of rice noodles (pho style)
      1 lime
      mix of Asian herbs (spinach, cilantro, perilla etc.)
      1 orange
      300g prawns
      1 shallot
      1 spring onion
      20g mungo beans


      50g orange curry paste
      200ml orange juice
      40g soy sauce
      50g maple syrup
      30ml brown rice vinegar
      200ml sunflower oil
      30ml brown sesame oil

      Slice the vegetables and fry them with quickly in oil. Add the chopped spring onion and put aside.

      Season the cleaned prawns with salt and fry them with oil. When they shrink and change colour, they are ready. Then add the soaked noodles, vegetables, herbs and sprouts. Season everything with the dressing and mix together. As to the noodles: it is always better to follow the instructions on packaging, some need to be soaked, some just cooked, some both.

      The dressing is super simple, just mix all the ingredients together and blend until smooth.

      Adjust the seasoning with lime juice and decorate with flowers and fresh herbs. Put some orange segments and mungo beans on the top. This recipe will also work with pork or beef. Enjoy!