Homemade tortellini with mushrooms and truffle oil


This recipe is a bit of a challenge and requires some cooking skills. But give it a shot, because it will make you and your partner happy (well, it works for Edita, she absolutely loves tortellini). The truffle oil gives it a nice aroma that you will not be able to resist!

For 2 portions:

300 g semolina (wheat flour from durum wheat)
3 whole eggs
1 tbs olive oil
100 g brown mushrooms
20 g basil
1 spring onion
30 g butter
40 g parmesan
truffle oil (white truffle)
salt and pepper

Put the flour, eggs, salt and olive oil in a blender. Mix it through and let the dough rest for at least 20 minutes (no need to put it in fridge).

Divide the dough in two parts and roll it out with a rolling pin. Then you can use a pasta machine, if you have one (I definitely recommend it). Set it on the widest gap and fold the rolled dough, so that you have three layers. Repeat the process once again. As you continue, reduce the gap until it is thin enough (with our machine I finish on number three).

Ok, now the important thing: make sure the surface of your work area is properly dusted with flour. I like to use the coarse one. If you do that, the dough will not stick to the desk and you will spend more time cooking than cleaning and shouting. That is what we want, right 🙂 So once you have the dough ready, cut out little rounds and you can move to the fun part (filling).

Melt a little butter in a saucepan and add the onions. When they start to get transparent, add the mushrooms, grated cheese and basil. Season with salt and pepper. Add the remaining butter that will connect everything together and give the whole mixture an amazing creamy flavour. Move it to a board and chop it finely. Let it cool down.

The time has come! Now we have to fill this pasta, challenge accepted! Place a bit of the mixture in the middle of the round. Fold the round in half: if the pasta is moist enough, you do not need to join the edges with anything, if it is not, use some water or egg whites.

So now we have a half moon shape. Grab it by the two ends and join them over the nail of your middle finger (make sure it sticks together). When the tortellini are ready, put them on a plate (well dusted with flour). Cook in boiling water (seasoned with salt) for about 2 minutes.

Put the tortellini on the plate, add some extra filling on the top and decorate with fresh mushrooms and basil. Drizzle generously with truffle oil.