Baked halibut, buttermilk sauce, Asian veggies and shiitake mushrooms


The fish should appear on the plate at least once a week. We haven’t done it very much lately, thanks to the wedding preparations and moving we were eating mostly with Dr. KFC 🙂 But we are successfully married now, so we can relax a little and start taking care of ourselves again. Plus: our favourite Prague Market is very close to our new house.

For 2 portions:

2x150g halibut portions without skin
60ml of buttermilk
1 lime
1g xanthan gum
3 fresh shiitake mushrooms
200g Asian vegetables (mungo bean sprouts, some salad or spinach, chard, coriander)
1 yellow carrot
salt and pepper

First we prepare a buttermilk dressing. Blend lime juice and xanthan gum into buttermilk. It will thicken beautifully even cold and it will be a great addition to the fish.

Halibut is a large flat fish, which can be easily 2 meters long. It is white at the bottom and dark at the top. It has a very firm flesh, ideal for baking, very tasty and at the same time popular and expensive.

Season the fish with salt and place it in a hot non-stick pan with a little olive oil and allow to roast. Then place in the oven for about 3-4 minutes at 180 degrees: depending on the thickness of the fish. The larger the fish the longer the time.

Cut the mushrooms into smaller pieces, the leg is very tough, we do not use it, and fry with a piece of butter. Add the coarsely chopped salad and sweat lightly. We can serve! Fish should play a major role in this recipe, so we chose the side dish with a vegetable and a more acidic dressing. Finally decorate with coriander, sprouts and strips of raw carrot. Enjoy your meal!