Veal fillet, mungo beans, wakame, perilla and carrot foam


This recipe is inspired by Asian cuisine, but it will definitely please all fans of veal, too. The original idea was to recreate typical Czech beef with carrots (that Edita absolutely hates). A lot of people despise this dish, so I really hope my version changes your mind 🙂

For 2 portions

300 g veal fillet
100 g carrot
80 g butter
300 ml milk
15 g ginger
50 ml white wine
10 g dried wakame
50 g mungo beans
20 g palm sugar
perilla leaves and blossoms (to decorate)
salt, pepper
olive oil

Let’s start with the sauce. Grate the carrot coarsely and slowly sauté in a pan with 20 g butter. In a while it will become yellowish, so add some coarsely grated ginger – you don’t have to peel it, just make sure it’s properly washed.

Sauté again, season with salt and add white wine and palm sugar. Let the alcohol boil out and pour in the milk. One tip for you: if you want the sauce to be more varied, add 200 ml orange juice (even tangerine would do). Simmer for 15 minutes and blend everything until smooth. Season to taste and put aside. The sauce should be light and slightly sweet.

Wakame is easy to prepare and also very healthy. Sometimes people say that it smells fishy, but I guess that’s individual. Just put it in salted cold water and it is ready in 30 minutes. Dry it and mix with olive oil.

Cook the mungo beans in lightly salted water until soft, it takes about the same time as rice or lentils. Strain and add a small piece of butter (I also put in some meat juice, will explain later).

Let’s get to the meat! First, you need to remove the membranes. If you bought the whole fillet, there will be a lot of waste: you can grind the pieces you don’t like and save them for another recipe. Cut the meat, 150 g a portion is enough. Salt thoroughly. Heat up your pan and grill on all sides until golden, then turn down the heat to minimum, add 20 g butter and glaze (baste with the butter in the pan).

Season with pepper. I don’t usually use it before cooking the meat, it might become slightly bitter. You can use the meat juice with butter for the mungo beans, like I did. Let the meat rest – it should be medium rare, or the way you like it. I use the little pieces of meat and made little rolls with blanched carrot and wakame. No worries, you can eat raw veal and it’s delicious.

Arrange everything on the plate, whip the sauce with some butter to foam (use a hand blender) and serve with perilla leaves and blossoms. This dish is full of textures, but also really well balanced. Enjoy!!