Vegetable salad with oyster mushrooms and chicken livers


As you probably noticed, we eat mostly meat at home. But sometimes I force Jan to add some veggies to our weekly menu. He usually rebels against this “insane” idea and the same happened with this recipe. So at the end it is a salad with chicken liver. Have to admit it was super tasty, though!

For 2 portions

3 baby carrots
3 pcs green asparagus
40 g cucumber
30 g gherkins
50 g oyster mushrooms
30 g broccoli
30 g Romanesco
30 g kohlrabi
2 radishes
30 g lamb’s lettuce
100 g chicken livers
2 slices of toast bread
20 g butter
1 tomato
mustard vinaigrette
15 g parsley
salt and pepper

Slice the cucumber, broccoli, radishes and romanesco using a mandoline slicer. Put everything in cold water. Peel the asparagus and slice it thinly with a potato peeler. Chop the oyster mushrooms and remove the lower part which tends to be hard. Deseed the tomato and slice it. Cut the gherkins and kohlrabi.

Clean the livers and remove the yellow or tough parts. Everything that has a different color is not good. Get rid of it!

Cut the bread into little cubes and sauté them on some butter until golden, season with salt.

Fry the livers in a pan and add some salt and pepper. Add the oyster mushrooms in the first seconds, continue for about 2 minutes and put in the parsley. It is the best to add parsley at the end of the cooking, as it needs warmth to stand out.

Dry everything on a paper towel and put it on a plate. Drizzle with mustard vinaigrette and decorate with lamb’s lettuce and all the remaining veggies. Enjoy!