Vegetable tartar, prawns and mangalica sausage


Jan played around with this recipe for quite a while: well, that’s what chefs do when they have a day off, I guess. I have to admit that the combination is absolutely great! And if you choose the right plates and little bowls (we used Spanish design tableware Cookplay), the result will be a mini starter that will definitely wow your guests.

For 6 portions

100 g cucumber
100 g cherry tomatoes or simply tomatoes
50 g radishes
100 g golden delicious apples
1 lemon
3 pcs prawns (peeled and deveined)
10 g wild garlic (or other herbs according to season)
20 g mangalica sausage
about 10 ml mustard vinaigrette (Czech style mustard, white wine vinegar, pinch of salt, extra virgin olive oil)
Sriracha (depends on you)

First, we prepare the vinaigrette. It is pretty simple: mix 2 tsp of mustard (dijon, English, whichever you like), 2 tbsp of white wine vinegar (you can use white balsamico, champagne or even red wine vinegar) and a bit of salt. It is the best to put everything into a closable jar, so that you can just close it and shake it! Then add about 2 dcl of extra virgin olive oil and shake it again. It really depends on what ingredients you use, you always have to season it to your taste. And the basic dressing is ready 🙂

Bring to a boil 3 dcl of water with a pinch of salt and put in the prawns for about 20 seconds. Take them out and cool them down.

If you want to use the prawns cold, it is good to put them into a pickle. Just prepare three tbs of sugar, 2 tbs of salt, and two dcl of water. Mix everything together and pickle the prawns for 20 minutes. The flavour enhances and they are great for salads and other cold dishes.

Halve the tomatoes and take the seeds out (we will use them for decoration), put a bit of the skin aside and dice some of it. Cut the cucumber into dices or as you really like: depends on your imagination. Dice the prawns, apples and sausage. Chop the wild garlic. Peel the lemon and cut the skin thinly. Mix everything in a bowl and season with the vinaigrette.

You can shape the tartar any way you want, maybe even use some mould. Combine it with bread, make some crostini or serve it as bruschetta, all is up to you! It is a great side dish or an appetizer. It is also pretty variable: anyone can have what they prefer, whether it is kohlrabi, chilli or even ginger. You can even serve it as a vegetarian dish. Just don’t be afraid, combinations have no limit!