Broccoli soup, walnuts, sundried tomatoes and Comté cheese


This soup is very easy to prepare and you will only need a few minutes. And as a bonus we will disprove one broccoli myth!

For 2 portions

1 broccoli
30 g Comté
10 g sun dried tomatoes
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
50 g butter
10 g walnuts

Bring to boil two liters of water. Season gently, we will use the water later.

Trim the broccoli with small knife but only the green top ends. Broccoli can be used whole, but I prefer to use only the greenest parts into the soup. I cut the rest thinly and use it as a garnish. Even the stalk can be eaten, the taste reminds me of kohlrabi. I was always told by everyone in the kitchen to throw away the stems, but it’s a mistake, you can just eat it raw, it is excellent.

If you want to serve the soup later or store it in the fridge, cook the broccoli until tender in boiling water then chill it quickly in ice water and blend it with a little water until smooth.

If you want to eat it straight, you can blend it immediately. Just dilute it with water in which you cooked it and add butter and salt. You do not need to add any other ingredients.

Let’s serve! Put some chopped sun dried tomatoes, diced cheese and toasted nuts at the bottom of the bowl. Finally, pour in the soup and drizzle with some olive oil. Enjoy your meal!