Roasted Rabbit from Máňa, white wine and potatoes, parsley pesto


I just love rabbit meat. Unlike our friend Josef, whose mom (Máňa) has fed him rabbits she raises since he was a kid, so he hates it. Which makes us quite lucky, because Máňa always has some for us! Thank you very much and send greetings to Bratčice!

For 4 portions:

1 rabbit from Máňa (including offal)
1 clove of garlic
500g potatoes (sliced ​​in half)
150ml white wine
100g parsley
2 anchovy fillets
40ml olive oil
2 spring onions
salt, pepper
1 lemon
water or stock (chicken, vegetable)

Portion the rabbit, keep the offal and deboned saddle aside. Season with salt and pepper and sear from all sides. Choose a suitable pan, so that you can also roast the rabbit in it. Put in the potatoes, chopped onions and garlic, and pour over with wine. Put the meat on the top, but don’t add the offal yet, as they don’t need that much time. Roast at 180 degrees for about 40 – 50 minutes until the meat and potatoes are soft. Sear the liver and kidneys, it will only take a moment.

Place the parsley in a blender with anchovies, olive oil, and mix until soft. Add grated lemon peel and a third of the juice, season with salt and decorate. Serve in the middle of the table family style. Enjoy!