Frankfurter soup

      I have to admit this one is my favourite of all the soups we cooked for the blog. My mum makes one that is a bit similar, so it’s for sentimental reasons, too. If you had to chooses, which soup would you pick as your absolute favourite? My taste is quite classic, so I love a good chicken broth. I just add a few chicken hearts (another specialty of my mum’s) and I’m totally happy. But enough talking, let’s do it!

      For 4 portions:

      1 bigger onion
      2 frankfurter sausages
      1 tsp caraway seeds
      1 tbs smoked paprika, sweet paprika and hot paprika
      1 tsp chopped garlic
      1 tbs lard
      2 bigger potatoes (diced)
      750 ml chicken stock
      150 ml cream
      2 tbs gluten-free flour
      1 tbs marjoram

      Caramelize the onion with lard, add garlic, caraway seeds and sausage. Sauté. Add the three kinds of paprika and let it cook for a bit, then add potatoes and stock. Cook until soft. Combine the flour with cream in a bowl and add it to the soup while stirring constantly. Cook for about 5 minutes and season with salt, pepper and marjoram.