Carp fries, tomato salad and dill mayonnaise with lemon


This season is simply great. Especially if you enjoy food. This carp was caught by Edita’s dad in a pond near their country house and the next day we had it on a plate. I bought a couple of beautiful tomatoes at a market place and also some dill just for a few crowns, during the summer you can find real jewels in Holesovice market. And carp fries ..come on, I just love these!

For 4 portions:

Carp fries

1 carp approx. 1.5kg-2kg
plain flour for the coating
2 eggs
mixture for coating (half breadcrumbs and half blended cornflakes)
salt, pepper and fish masala spice (mixture of curry)
frying oil


1 egg yolk
30g water
10g chopped dill
1 lemon
250ml sunflower oil
10ml rice vinegar
10g Dijon mustard

Tomato salad

mix  of tomatoes
30g spring onions
olive oil
juice of  ¼ lemon
sea salt

Debone the carp and cut into the flesh (as close to as possible so that you don’t cut all the way through). Then cut the fish into strips. Season with salt and spices, then coat it with flour, egg and breadcrumbs, just like schnitzel. Fry in oil until golden brown and drain on a grid. Season with salt immediately. Serve with lemon.

Whisk the egg yolk with water and vinegar and slowly pour in oil, drop by drop. Finally add lemon peel, juice and chopped dill. Season to taste.

Cut the tomatoes into larger pieces and season with lemon juice, oil and salt. Add  some chopped onion. Decorate with dill flowers.