Chilled avocado and cucumber soup with mascarpone


This soup was a summer hit in Pavillon. It was on our tasting menu, and I also added a Bloody Mary sorbet as a special touch. That might be a little too much for home cooking, though, so I made it a little easier for the blog. 

For 4 portions:

3 cucumbers
2 ripe avocados
1 lemon
1 bundle curly parsley
100g mascarpone
250ml water
olive oil, salt and pepper

Cut the cucumber into spaghetti, I use a special vegetable peeler or a zester. We can cut out little rounds, too. Cut  most of the cucumbers in small pieces, as we will marinate them. Scrape the skin off one lemon, add parsley and half of the juice. We will use the other half for seasoning. Let them marinade for about 2 hours, maximum 6. The cucumbers will lose their colour, the lemon will basically “cook” them.

Put everything into a blender and add the avocado. Blend all the ingredients until smooth, add water, season with salt and pepper. Add the mascarpone and just mix it lightly, we don’t want it to split. Finally, balance the flavours with salt and lemon. Serve with chopped cucumber and avocado and finish with olive oil. Enjoy your meal!