Coconut and tapioca pudding, fruit and lemon verbena


I’ve been in love with jelly and all the food that even remotely resembles it since childhood. When I first discovered tapioca I knew it would be love for my whole life. Combination with coconut and lemon verbena is simply a bomb. We also added plums and blackberries that I brought from the cottage before the end of the holidays. NOM!

For 4 portions:

200 g tapioca pearls
300 ml coconut milk
50 ml beetroot juice
1 plum
20 blackberries
1 nectarine
1 round plum
15 lemon verbena leaves
30 g granulated sugar
20 g honey
oxalis and mint

Prepare the tapioca chips first. Cook half of the tapioca in 400 ml of water, it should take about 15 minutes. Once the tapioca is cooked add the beetroot juice. Pour the mixture onto the tray ( it’s the best to use a silicone mattress) and dry in the oven at 100 degrees for about an hour. The oven needs to be opened quite often to get the moisture out. Once the mixture is dry and we can turn the entire piece, pull it out of the oven. Prepare a saucepan with oil which needs to be heated up to 190 degrees and fry the broken pieces in it: they are ready to puff up (see photo).


Cook the rest of the tapioca in coconut milk together with sugar and honey. In the end, drop the verbena leaves inside: you can chop them a bit. It should be creamy (similar to risotto), sometimes it’s necessary to add a little milk, depending on how large the pearls are.

Put the pudding on plates or in glasses and cut the ripe fruit on top. We can serve! Enjoy your meal 🙂


Thx for the plates Premium Gastro