Spaghetti with porcini mushrooms, tomatoes and bottarga


Homemade pasta with fresh porcini mushrooms is absolutely delicious. We decided to make it a little bit more special by adding some mullet bottarga that we grated on the top of the finished dish. Bottarga is basically richly salted cured roe: we brought it home from Sardinia, you can buy it there on every corner. But to be honest: the taste is very specific and not everyone will appreciate it.

For 2 portions

200 g semolina
1 tbs olive oil
2 eggs
a piece of bottarga
50 g fresh porcini mushrooms
3 tomatoes
5 leaves of sage
50 g butter
20 g grated parmesan

Let’s prepare the dough first. Mix the semolina with one table spoon of olive oil, salt and eggs. Knead the dough and let the gluten work for about 20 minutes: the dough will be more elastic at the end. Shape the desired type of pasta with a machine and dust it generously with flour. You need to use enough salt for the dough, it’s much easier to work with, then.


Clean the mushrooms, cut into larger pieces and sauté in a pan with some butter – we used clarified butter, which is just amazing (especially for schnitzels that we Czechs cannot live without).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASeason the mushrooms with salt and pepper, add chopped sage and tomatoes, preferably deseeded.


Cook the pasta in salted water, don’t forget to save some of it, as you will use it to create an emulsion in the pan with mushrooms. Thicken with some fresh butter and add the grated parmesan. Move the pasta to a plate, grate the bottarga on the top and decorate with a few basil leaves. What do you think? We love it! Enjoy!