Squid with black rice Venere, broccoli and beet greens


We are huge fans of seafood, as you probably noticed, if you follow us regularly. Squid and octopus are Edita’s absolute favorites. But let’s be honest, Czechia is not by the sea and getting fresh seafood in here is a pain. That’s why there are not so many places that serve squid in here – it also goes bad pretty quickly. We both love this dish and we’re sure you will, too!

For 2 portions

400 g squid
100 g black rice Venere
300 ml chicken stock
50 g broccoli (including the middle part)
20 beet leaves
1 lemon
100 g plain flour
oil for frying
30 g butter
salt and pepper

First, we need to clean the squid properly. Pull out the tentacles with head out of the body. Rinse the tube with cold water, remove all the dirt and take out the bone – it looks almost like plastic. As to the second part, just cut off the tentacles under the head (that is pretty much useless). Sometimes you also need to take out the tooth – similar to octopus.

Dry the body and cut it into calamari, leave the tentacles in one piece. Coat everything with flour (well seasoned with salt and pepper) and fry in oil at 180 degrees Celsius for about 2 minutes.

Cook the rice in lightly salted stock until it softens, which takes from 20 to 25 minutes. Add the butter at the end and season with salt – you want it to be a bit harder. This type of rice is amazing for your blood circulation and also tastes great.

Peel the broccoli stem and cut it into small dices. Season the rest of the broccoli with salt, olive oil and put it in a microwave for 1 minute (or you can blanche it).

Ready to serve! Drizzle generously with lemon juice, grate some lemon zest and decorate with beet greens. Enjoy!