Chicken lollipops with honey, cucumber yoghurt and chilli


Chicken wings are the best. If I didn’t have any self-control I would eat them every day. Luckily I do, but from time to time you need enjoy some foodporn, right? In this recipe I made chicken lollipops that look amazing, but also take some time to prepare. So if you don’t want to bother, just don’t! Regular wings are also perfect.

For 2 portions

12 chicken wings
200 g yoghurt
30 g butter
40 g honey
50 ml soy sauce
200 g cucumber
20 ml cherry vinegar
chilli (depends on your courage, we used Trinidad Scorpion Butch Taylor)
10 g mint
some broccoli sprouts (optional)
salt, pepper

First we need to clean and prepare the wings. It is pretty simple, if you know how. Leave the wing in one piece at first and cut about one cm from the end joint. Grasp the end of the wing with paper and turn it down, so that the bones come out. Turn the thinner bone and tear it out: sometimes you need to use a knife (if you need any more guidelines, check the gallery below).

Wash the cucumber and grate it coarsely: cucumbers are now still quite hard and there is no need for salt. But if you get one that is watery, it is better to salt it properly and squeeze out the water. Mix the yoghurt with salt, pepper and chopped mint. Coriander with a bit of lemon or lime is also a good alternative.

Put a little oil on a very hot pan and fry the wings from all sides. They will release fat (which we can pour aside and use in another recipe). Add the soy sauce, vinegar and let the liquid reduce a bit. Add the honey: it will coat the wings beautifully and then comes the butter – done!

I used the chilli at the very end, because I was a little bit scared of it. I got the Trinidad Scorpion from Edita: we tried it only once and it really sets you on fire! The yoghurt certainly helps, but everyone needs to find their own acceptable level of pain, I would say. Your friends will love you because of this dish. Enjoy!