Jan’s English breakfast


This breakfast is a royal one. When I was working as a chef in London and had a day off, I went to a café in Dollis Hill and ordered this amazing thing! Full English Breakfast gives you energy for all day. The waitress always asked me if I wanted white or brown bread, with some butter of or just grilled, eggs sunny side up or scrambled..there are endless variants and possibilities to this gorgeous dish. However, it should always contain eggs, beans in tomato sauce, sausages, bacon, grilled mushrooms and tomatoes or even chips and grilled black pudding. And what to eat with it? Ketchup or brown sauce, of course! 

And now you’re probably thinking, well, there is no bacon in photos!! HAHA. You’re right. We actually ate it the night before, when he had some serious cravings. But don’t be stupid like us and buy enough of it (although, we all know that there is never enough bacon).

For 2 portions

2 eggs
10 mini sausages
10 cherry tomatoes
6 creamy mushrooms
4 slices of toast bread
1 can of beans in tomato sauce
4 slices of bacon
salt, pepper, sugar and some thyme

First, let’s cut the tomatoes in halves, season with salt and pepper, add some sugar, thyme and drizzle with oil. Put them in the oven to grill at lower temperature, the taste is much better, then. It should take about 15 minutes.

Sear the sausages and mushrooms with some oil. You can also use portobello mushrooms – just put in some butter, season and put them in the oven. I made the egg sunny side up, but it’s up to you. It’s better if you put salt and pepper in the pan and then add the egg. Also, break the eggs into a bowl and then move them to the pan: the egg yolks won’t break this way.

Put the beans into a pot and heat them up, season with salt and pepper and add some sugar if needed. Sear the bacon in a pan until golden brown. Toast the bread, let it cool down a bit and spread butter on the top. Voila, your perfect weekend breakfast is ready! Enjoy.