Parsnip variation, blackberries, ricotta and tonka bean


Parsnip in a dessert, what? But it really works even though it’s not very common in our country. I have seen this in London for the first time. It’s actually logical: if we cook a carrot, it’s incredibly sweet. Just add a little salt and the nice sweetness just gently burns out (by the way, it works well with chocolate too). In Pavillon, we even make savoury ice cream from celery, Jerusalem artichokes or red beets.

For 4 portions

500g parsnip
200g ricotta
50g blackberries
10g cocoa powder
10g 70% chocolate
frying oil
caster sugar
400ml full fat milk
50g butter
20g honey
40ml cream
1 tonka bean

We can start with the purée. Peel the 300g of parsnip and chop it finely. Place it in the milk and cook until soft. Add the butter and blend well. Add the sugar and salt. Stir. 

Mix half of the purée with cocoa powder and place both purées inside the squeezing bottles. Shave the rest of the parsnip with the vegetable peeler. Fry half of it in hot oil until golden brown. Just blanch the second half in a sugar sirup. This way we can get three different types of parsnip.

Mix the ricotta with honey, cream, sugar and grate the Tonka bean inside. The aroma of the bean is quite specific, but I think it is amazing.

Cut the blackberries in halves and we are ready to serve. Place the ricotta, purée, fruit and grate some more Tonka and dark chocolate on top. Garnish with chips and herbs ( we used oxalis) and enjoy!