Beef hanger steak, savoy cabbage, peanuts and burnt cauliflower


These recipe is another contribution in our sous vide series. We already made duck, eggs or even mackerel. This time is it all about beef. And do not worry, next time we will bring you some more meat! 🙂

For 2 portions:

300g hanger steak
200g savoy cabbage
30g peanuts
100g cauliflower
100ml red wine
2 springs fresh marjoram
300ml chicken stock
100g butter
salt, pepper

Hanger steak is great for steak preparations, but you have to trim it well. There is a thick part in the middle, which you need to cut out. Seal the meat with butter into a bag and cook in the water bath at 54 degrees for 4 hours. It seems like a long time, but this cut of meat is quite tough so the time is absolutely necessary.

To chill the meat down, use a ice bath. You can use it straight away, but be careful: the meat is already hot and continues to cook very quickly. Sear it very quickly then.

After chilling the meat can stay in the fridge for three days. The best way to heat is up, is to use the same temperature for about 10 minutes and sear it afterwards.

Do not season the meat with salt before, the cooking time is quite long so it loses lots of juice. Season it after cooking or just before searing.

In the same pan reduce the wine and add all the juices, (including stock) and reduce to one third. Finish with salt, butter and mix well.

Cut the cabbage to thin stripes and cook with little butter until soft. Add the roasted peanuts and season well. You can use a little cream to make it milder or keep adding butter to create nice emulsion. Slice the fresh cauliflower to thin strips and blow torch them. Do not burn them too much, though! 🙂

Finally add the marjoram and serve. Enjoy!