Saffron risotto with green asparagus


Saffron risotto is awesome, it doesn’t really get better than that! On the other hand, we say that about tons of things. HAHA. Saffron itself is quite expensive (the best comes from Iran), but it is not surprising, the harvest is really demanding. You probably made a mistake and bought the fake saffron at least once, which is actually just coloured. The real saffron cannot be compared to that. So be careful.

For 2 portions

150 g vialone nano rice
half a teaspoon of saffron
500 ml chicken broth
1 onion
150 g green asparagus
80 ml white dry wine
30 g butter
30 g parmesan cheese
salt and pepper
mizuna leaves to garnish

Heat the broth and add saffron to it: in the hot liquid, its colour and flavour will release and become strong. Cut the onions gently and sweat them down in some butter and olive oil. Add rice and sweat off. Pour in the wine and let the alcohol evaporate. Then gradually add the broth with saffron: it is important to stir a lot to make the starch release from the rice.

When the rice is al dente (which takes about 12 minutes), you can either finish it or spread it in the thinnest layer to cool down and use later. This way, it will last for two days, make sure you cover it with foil.

Add the blanched cut asparagus before completing, sprinkle with Parmesan and the rest of the butter. Season to taste. Finally shave the cheese, add the raw asparagus heads and the fresh leaves on the top. Enjoy your meal!