Radish salad with bacon and croutons


It is nice to have a fresh salad in summer time. But to be honest, I’m always happy to add some non-veggies to the salad, like an egg or croutons. Ideally both. But the best thing is a really roasted bacon!

For 2 portions:

50g radish
1 white radish (daikon or round ones)
2 slices of toasted bread
100g sliced bacon
30g baby spinach, rocket salad
20g white balsamic vinegar
60ml olive oil
10g fresh marjoram
10g chives
sugar, salt, pepper

Cut the bacon into small cubes and fry in a non-stick pan until crispy. Take it out and put it on kitchen paper. In the same pan caramelize diced bread adding a little knob of butter. Season with ground pepper, salt is not needed. The bread should be crunchy and golden. Dry again. Now we can make a dressing by mixing vinegar, oil, salt and pepper in a small bottle. Shake well.

Slice the radishes thinly. Mix all together with leaves and herbs. Add the dressing and mix in the croutons and bacon. Enjoy your salad!!