Brook trout, avocado yoghurt and mung beans


This is a very quick and tasty recipe. What a pity that I can’t testify from my own experience! Jan ate it all alone. And he really liked it, so you will certainly appreciate it, too! 

For 2 portions:

1 trout
1 ripe avocado
200 g mungo beans
30 g coriander
30 ml olive oil
100 ml organic yoghurt
10 g celery
little sunflower oil
crispy onions

Simply boil the mung beans in salty water until tender. Broth is even better than water, if you have some stashed in the freezer.

Then we make coriander oil. Just blitz a big amount of coriander (stems included) in olive oil: it is better if you choose one that doesn’t have a very strong taste, so that the coriander stands out.

Next we prepare the avocado yoghurt. You can even make it sweet (at the end avocado is a fruit), but the savory version is much more popular. Cut the avocado lengthwise, take the stone out and divide in half. Dice one quarter and blitz the rest with yoghurt and a little bit of salt until smooth.

It is better to buy ready to eat avocados, which can be eaten right away. Today you can buy them in any  supermarket. If you buy a tougher avocado let it ripen for a few days  but do not put it in the fridge it will brown. Just don’t buy avocados that are hard as rock, they do not have any taste.

Fillet the fish, remove the pin bones with tweezers and season. Cut the skin of the fish, rub in some oil and roast the fillets in a pan skin side down on a bit of sunflower oil.

Season the beans to taste with salt and olive oil, mix in the coriander oil and serve. Add some of the delicious avocado yoghurt and crispy onions (we get them e.g. in asian foodstores). Finally add the chunks of avocado, fresh coriander leaves, celery leaves and sriracha (optional). Enjoy!